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Nin Estar Gaur Heryn

..Mara Aure


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Monica (the artist) woke up one day and said: "I'm going to show my art to ppl." so she started this livejournal.
Her art is mostly Harry Potter related because... she likes Harry Potter. The Lady, as she calls herself, also likes to visit the actual characters. And bother them, deliver messages, and just do stuff.

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Monica is the Artist. Monica is 15 and is a Canadian. She's been drawing for EVAR now, and has had no one to show her stuff to except her mom. So here it is! The art of utter pwn4g3n3ss.
She doesn't expect this to be popular at all. Her art looks different from others because theirs is "professional" and they have high tech equipment, like scanners and stuff. One of these days she'll try to make her art look more... yeah, you know what I mean

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1) No fighting or LJ drama. It's major bad karma.

2) Criticism is welcome. But please dont't flame me so bad I have to leave by way of dustpan and a brush.

3) Have fun! I'm here to entertain you with this shin-dig!

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i'm in ravenclaw!